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1440, 333 – 11 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1L9
Tel: (403) 234-7878

Toll Free: 1-888-280-8708
Fax: (403) 262-3575

Scott Silverberg, BA, CFP

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Paul Ingram, CA


Anita Fox, BA, CEBS

Senior Account Manager

Bonnie Way

Underwriting Specialist

Colleen McLaughlin

Account Manager

Keith Glenday, BMgt

Group Benefit Consultant

Taryn Moreau
Office Administrator

Ted LaBrosse

Group Benefit Consultant

Jim Thompson, MBA

CBIA Product Specialist

Hassan Bahassan

Group Benefit Analyst

John Snelson

Sales Consultant

Jon Berezowski

Sales Consultant

Jude McConnell

Technical Assistant

Jarryd Csuti

MarketingĀ Specialist


7404 – 101 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6A 0J3
Tel: (780) 448-0676

Toll Free: 1-877-448-0675
Fax: (780) 453-1492

Doug K. Silverberg, BA

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Kimberley D. Silverberg LLB

General Counsel

Angela Kay


Anita Kapoor

Insurance Consultant
CBIA Specialist

Ann O’Neill

Account Manager

Beverly Wourms

Account Manager

Brenda McDonald

Benefit Analyst

Debbie Blair

Junior Benefit Analyst

Dustin Reddon

Account Manager

Jason Malloy

CBIA Administrative Specialist

Jo-Anne Johnson, GBA

Senior Benefit Analyst

Louise Brandon, GBA

Group Benefit Consultant

Matt Fraser

Group Benefit Consultant

Shirley Guest, FLMI

Group Benefit Consultant

Timothy J. Cleary

Group Benefit Consultant

Krista Hudson

Account Manager

Dia Christian

Office Administrator


Red Deer

6194 Cronquist Drive
Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 1E3
Tel: (403) 342-4822

Toll Free: 1-877-342-4822
Fax: (403) 342-4827

Derrick J. Peterson, B.P.E.

Insurance and Estate Planning
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Aliesha Peterson

Administrative Assistant

Erin Arnold

Account Manager


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