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What is employee absenteeism costing your company?

Workplace absenteeism is a major concern these days– and with good reason. Even casual absenteeism costs Canadian employers billions of dollars a year. And that doesn’t take into account disability costs, lost productivity or the demoralizing impact on the workplace.

Absenteeism is not only a source of concern and irritation for employers but it can also be costly. According to Statistics Canada, since 1997, absenteeism for personal reasons, such as illness or disability, and personal or family responsibilities, is on the rise. On average approximately 5.5% (484,000) of all full-time employees were absent from work for all or part of the week for personal reasons. By 2006, the rate had risen to 8.2% (896,000) of all full-time employees.

The actual cost an employer incurs as the direct result of a casual absence, or short/long-term disability absence, is complex and often difficult to quantify. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as hard or direct costs, and soft or indirect costs to the organization, the latter being the most difficult to quantify and measure.

Causes of Absenteeism

Cost of Absenteeism

Decrease in Productivity

Financial Costs

Administrative Costs

Trends in Absenteeism

Tips for Absenteeism Management

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