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April 2014 Newsletter

Alberta’s New Pharmacy Agreement (Effective April 1/14)


An agreement between the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association and the Alberta government has been introduced on April 1, 2014. This agreement has resulted in a new funding model for prescription drugs. Pharmacists will also have a greater scope of practice moving forward and all of these services will be completely funded by the province.

Changes in Alberta’s funding model.

Before April 1st, dispensing fees were dependent on two factors; the ingredient cost and an inventory allowance of the drug. Under the new agreement there is a maximum and consistent dispensing fee of $12.30 and the inventory allowance is no longer factored into the pricing. Under this new model from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2018 the maximum dispensing fee will remain at $12.30. This new funding model also offers protection on mark-ups to high cost drugs by introducing a $100 maximum. A summary of these changes can be seen in the graphs below.

Dispensing Fees


Pricing Model beginning April 1. 2014


*Allowable Upcharge #1 is 7.5% for non-formulary drugs (Alberta Blue Cross Pharmaceutical Services Provider Agreement (Pharmacy))



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