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September is Almost Here! Back-to-School Tips

Come September, the carefree days of summers are replaced with regimented school days and disciplined evenings spent doing homework. Here are some quick tips – both practical and psychological – to help pave the way for a smoother transition into the new school year.

The Whole Family is Involved in Preparing for School

It may be children who attend classes, but all family members are impacted by school routines and changing schedules. Some students and families anticipate school positively and with enthusiasm, while for others, it signals an unwelcome return to academics and a predictable Monday-Friday structure. Either way, being prepared for the change helps!

Practical Preparation

Psychological Preparation

On an emotional level, supporting and encouraging your child as they head off to school is important. For children who love being at school this is not generally a problem, but for those who struggle with either the social or academic aspects of attending school, some thought and planning is required. Some ways to make the prospect of going to school more inviting are:

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