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Your lawyers are likely paying for duplicate coverage

Almost every group long term disability plan includes “direct offset” wording. This means that if a lawyer has an individual disability plan through the Canadian Bar Insurance Association, your group long term disability plan will reduce the long term disability plan benefit that could be paid by the same amount as the lawyers individual disability plan. This means the lawyer is paying for both plans but can only collect one. This is a common problem that we have solved for many lawyers and law firms in Alberta.

The most common questions we get asked are “Am I paying for duplicate coverage”, “Can I collect both plans’ disability benefit amounts?”, “Can I stack the benefit amounts, or do they overlap?”, ” I pay my Professional Corp income, is that income covered?”

The answer is generally “Yes” that the lawyer is paying for duplicate coverage and “Yes – we can make the necessary changes in the contracts to allow for stacking of coverage to avoid the overlapping of a duplicate benefit.” Talk with a qualified employee benefits specialist and they may be able to assist you with this – we do it for all of our clients.

Other important details to keep in mind and know the answer for regarding your group long term disability plan include:

We can help you answer the above questions and ensure your group plan and the lawyers disability plans are structured correctly to avoid duplication and overpayment and that their expectations are accurate.

Silverberg Group is the exclusive representative in Alberta for The Canadian Bar Insurance Association’s proprietary product arrangements. We work with all of the insurance providers and are the only Employee benefit firm that is able to provide a clear, complete and unbiased recommendation on what is best for your firm. So far, over 120 Alberta Law Firms have put their trust in us.

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