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Protecting Your Employee Benefits Plan From Abuse And Misuse


You wouldn’t pay a credit card bill for something you did not buy, would you? We think the same logic applies to your employee benefits plans—no one should pay for bogus claims.

March is Fraud Prevention Month. It’s a great time to remind everyone about the importance of protecting their benefits from abuse.

Like everything of value, your employee benefits plan deserves to be well-protected. Benefits fraud hurts everyone and can result in
higher premiums.

Generally, most people submit their claims in good faith. Unfortunately, some people see their benefits plans as a source of extra income to be tapped. Our specialized claims
investigation unit has the tools and training to watch for:

 Tips for customers

Left unchecked, fraud hurts everyone and can ultimately make a plan unsustainable. That’s not good for anyone. You play an important role in preventing benefits plan fraud and abuse. Here’s what you can do.

Treat benefits fraud and claim abuse as a serious matter

Increase awareness – communicate with your employees

Collaborate with us on claim audits

Claim audits help prevent and detect benefits fraud and claim abuse. Talk to your Advisor about benefits plan design options that can help prevent inappropriate claims. Examples of things to consider include:

Tips for employees

You can help protect your employee benefits plan from fraud and abuse. Here’s how:

Source:The Empire Life Insurance Company

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