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Colour Changes are a Bitter Pill to Swallow

As generic drug substitution becomes more common in group benefit plans, Plan Sponsors need to be aware of an important obstacle: non compliance.

A new study found that patients often discontinue use of their medication when the colour of the pill is changed. This is significant because brand-name and generic drugs often look different (although they both contain the same medicinal ingredients).

If introducing generic substitution into a plan, Plan Sponsors should focus on educating Plan Members about generic drugs before the new plan comes into effect. This will help ensure Plan Members are not surprised when their generic drug arrives and it is a different colour or shape then they’re accustomed to. There are many misconceptions in the marketplace leading some consumers to believe that generics are inferior – this is not true, and Plan Members need to know that.

Plan Members who have been educated on generic drugs will be better prepared for their generic drug to be a different colour or shape; the goal is to make sure they don’t stop taking their medication even though it looks different.

Click here to read an article in the New York Times.


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