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Compass Collective

Guiding Leaders through complex times.

Silverberg Group, alongside other like-minded business leaders, have formed a collective of professional service providers – the Compass Collective – to offer complimentary advice, workshops, and other resources designed to provide support to our fellow leaders. We believe that the more organizations we can support through COVID-19, the faster our shared economic recovery will be.

We understand the value of accessing trusted professionals and expert advice, particularly during uncertain and challenging times. We believe our community needs professional advice and support now more than ever. Many organizations are struggling, unable to access such support due to financial constraints. As community leaders, this is an opportunity for us to step up and to share our expertise with fellow business owner, leaders and entrepreneurs in need.

In times like this, we need to remember we have the power to influence and drive positive change. We are in this together.


To learn more about the Compass Collective and participating partners, click here.

To learn more about Silverberg’s Compass Collective offerings, click here.

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