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Group benefits plans prove more effective way to compensate employees

As a small business owner, the talent of your staff is directly correlated to the success of your company. To maintain a competitive edge in the job market, many employers offer group insurance and savings benefits. These benefits ensure that you attract and retain the valuable employees required for success, and can help minimize costs associated with high turnover.

Many employers use salary increases to reward strong performance, but the resulting tax can seem ineffective. With a comprehensive group benefits plan, employees receive health and dental benefits tax-free, dodging income tax and pension costs. In addition to employee benefits, employer contributions are a tax deductible expense, and you avoid payroll taxes including CPP, EI, Worker’s Compensation & Employers Health Tax.

As a business owner, you control where additional compensation for your employees is directed. Health and dental benefits are a very important part of your company’s financial security. An attractive benefits package gives employees the incentive to join and stay with your company. Whether you have an existing plan in place, or are curious about your options, please contact a Silverberg Group advisor for;

Source: Patrick Barkwell, Financial Security Advisor
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