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July 2014 Newsletter

Students & Dependents



It may only be July, but there is no better time than now to review the health insurance of your dependents. With many of our children living at home for slightly longer than anticipated, you may be asking yourself how does my insurance coverage deal with my (adult) children.

How it works:

Once a dependent child reaches the age of 21 (or 22 depending on your insurance company), insurer carriers will terminate them as an eligible dependent under your Health and/or Dental benefits. Coverage can be re-activated on the day they commence attending an accredited educational institution, college or university as a student, on a full-time basis.

One thing to remember is that the enrollment & eligibility of students varies depending on your insurance carrier. Some require paperwork, which takes time to process, so make sure to contact your Silverberg Account Manager for the process specific to your carrier and get your plan sorted out before the hustle-bustle of August.

For the full definition of an eligible dependent child, please refer to your insurance policy.


New Website!

Silverberg Group is also proud to announce that we have revamped our website with a new look and some additional resources!

Feel free to check it out today and make sure to visit “Our Team” page to get to know us a little better. We hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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