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Doug K. Silverberg, BA


Experienced in the industry circa 1996.

Education/designations: Bachelor of Arts (University of Calgary), LLQP (Life License Qualification Program)

Work days are spent: using my expertise to apply creative and unique employee benefits solutions to our client’s diverse needs. Providing strong vision and leadership, continuing to ensure the Silverberg Group is seen as a premium employee benefit advisor.

The “why” to your work day: I enjoy building relationships with the many interesting people I meet and helping them attain their business goals.

Outside of work, people find you: perfecting my love of golf and hunting; ultimately, family is what comes first though!

First car: 1985 Camaro



Experienced in the industry circa 2013.

Education/designations: Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta), CA (Chartered Accountant), LLQP (Life License Qualification Program)

Work days are spent: working with an amazing team to support and serve our valued clients.  I feel grateful to be able to do what I do, with whom I do it, and for whom we do it for!

The “why” to your work day: my focus is to ensure we are improving the physical and mental health of Canadians; specifically our clients, their staff, and families. I love math and I love people:  Employee benefits is the perfect intersection of numbers and people.

Outside of work, people find you: doing my best to live my 5 F’s:  Family, Friends, Future, Fairness, and Fitness. I also love to volunteer in the wonderful Edmonton community we live in.

First car: bright yellow Ford Fiesta with black and white checkered seats. At 16 years old, I was grateful!

Choice of one superpower: transportation – in time and geography



Experienced in the industry circa 2009.

Education/designations: LLQP (Life License Qualification Program)

Work days are spent: analyzing insurance carrier renewals and marketing responses to ensure that our clients are receiving the best value in a plan that suits their insurance needs. Monitoring best practices within the insurance industry and identifying resulting gaps for our clients.

The “why” to your work day: the enjoyment of working towards creative and productive solutions with our remarkable team, clients, and insurance partners.

Outside of work, people find you: relaxing with family and friends. Recreationally – on the soccer field or in the mountains whether it be the summer or in the winter.

First car: Volkswagen Jetta

Choice of one superpower: flight. For the ease of travel and the different perspective of the world.



Experienced in the industry circa 2011.

Education/designations: Management Development Certification (University of Alberta)

Work days are spent: recording of all the daily financial activities Silverberg offices across the province.

The “why” to your work day: getting to work with this great group of people who continuously give their best to our clients every day is a gift.

Outside of work, people find you: mostly at my country home enjoying time outside tending to my acreage. Visiting family and spending time with my children.

First car: red Pontiac Firefly

Choice of one superpower: control time to be able to get more tasks done



Experienced in the industry circa 2007.

Education/designations: Business Education (Keyano College)

Work days are spent: working with our clients to help them better understand the world of group benefits.  Problem solving and helping to provide our plan administrators with the tools and information to perform the day-to-day tasks of their benefit programs.  Supporting our consultants in their roles with our clients.  Always working to strengthen our relationships with all the insurance carriers.

The “why” to your work day: I love working with people, and people is what our industry is based on. The satisfaction of knowing that we are always here for our clients to help them with any questions or concerns that arise is rewarding. Solving a problem for a client and feeling like an extension of their team is always a great feeling. This is the “why” in why we do what we do.

Outside of work, people find you: at home, spending time with my Hubby and our two daughters. Family time is very important to me. I also like to stay active – running in our beautiful River Valley is one of my favorite things to do. I also really enjoy a tough Orange Theory workout or a Peloton spin class. Travel/staycations and taking time to recharge is also high on my to-do list.

First car: shared a Ford Mustang with my brother, LOVED that car

Choice of one superpower: to be invisible



Experienced in the industry circa 2004.

Education/designations: Bachelor of Arts (University of Alberta), GBA (Group Benefits Associate), LLQP (Life License Qualification Program)

Work days are spent: partnering with our clients to ensure their group benefits and retirement plans are designed and managed to best meet their needs and benefits philosophy. Proactive planning via cost containment strategies, health and disability management initiatives, and benchmarked plans that attract and retain employees. Maintaining collaborative relationships with carriers and seeking opportunities to provide our expertise and services to new partner organizations.

The “why” to your work day: whether solving broad client challenges or providing guidance to an individual employee through a difficult time, I’m most satisfied with any workday where my expertise made a real difference.

Outside of work, people find you: fitness in general keeps me smiling through stress-filled times, but doing it outdoors is my preference. The peace that comes from the escape of trail running and hiking deep in the woods are immeasurable. Excited to begin training on backcountry camping. Small venue music events and supporting local restaurant/wine bars and cafes.

First car: Pontiac Ventura, my Mom’s hand me down

Choice of one superpower: time travel



Experienced in the industry circa 2006.

Education/designations: Specialization Degree in Molecular Genetics (University of Alberta), Leadership Development (University of Alberta), Supervisory Development (University of Alberta)

Work days are spent: creating a basis for our advice using data. Analyzing renewal proposals from our insurance partners and creating documents that convey information about our client’s group benefits program. The process includes analysis of claiming activity, market trends, demographic changes, and insurance carrier proposed rate adjustments.

The “why” to your work day: turning questions into answers!  Applying the scientific method of gathering strategic evidence to reach informed business advice. Making sense of complex data and creating a way to present it to clients using visuals.

Outside of work, people find you: sewing (clothing mostly), baking, practicing yoga, playing with the kids outside, and walking the dog.

First car: baby blue ’81 Pontiac Grand Prix Brougham



Experienced in the industry circa 1997.

Education/designations: Bachelor of Arts (Memorial University), LLQP (Life License Qualification Program)

Work days are spent: helping employers with their employee benefits program including: overall benefits strategy, financial sustainability, vendor/carrier management and selection, benefits related HR issues, and exploring opportunities to enhance Total Rewards programs for clients.

The “why” to your work day: help organizations take care of their employees health and financial wellbeing.

Outside of work, people find you: enjoying time with my wife and 2 boys and attempting something that resembles golf!

First car: Pontiac Sunfire

Choice of one superpower: flying



Experienced in the industry circa 2020.

Work days are spent: generating claims experience reports to provide our clients with the most current data, preparing renewal reports for client meetings, and supporting our entire team with their day-to-day needs.

The “why” to your work day: I am a perfectionist, so I enjoy “dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s” as well as being able to assist our remarkable team.

Outside of work, people find you: either at a racetrack supporting my boyfriends racing hobby or on a close camping trip enjoying the outdoors and exploring on our side by side.

First car: Dodge Neon

Choice of one superpower: being able to teleport



Experience in the industry circa 1995.

Education/designations: GBA (Group Benefits Associate)

Work days are spent: clients are number one, so a focus on “service, service, service” to build upon and maintain those relationships. This involves recognizing and responding to each client’s unique needs, and a LOT of emails and virtual meetings.

With an instinctive and affectionate attention to the details, I ensure that our reporting is accurate, helpful, professional, and reflects our high standards.

Collaborating and liaising with our internal team and vendor partners.

The “why” to your work day: I am a lifelong learner and, after 25 years in the benefits consulting industry, I am still learning new things!  Helping clients to understand and navigate the benefits world and making their lives easier by solving problems and helping their employees is gratifying.  Coupled with the privilege of working with a supportive and very smart team, I look forward to coming to work each day.

Outside of work, people find you: travelling (when safe to do so again) and exploring off the beaten track to find hidden gems in this great province of ours. Listening to music (especially live concerts), reading (currently on a Canadian writer kick), and enjoying good food, wine & chocolate.

First car: Chevrolet Caprice

Choice of one superpower: teleportation (if that’s a superpower, not a Star Trek thingy); otherwise, the ability to read minds


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