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5 Things to Remember in Extreme Heat

By Silverberg Editor, July 6, 2018 With the beautiful summer weather comes extreme heat conditions across the country. While there is heightened awareness for the elderly, the sick, pregnant women and infants, everyone is vulnerable in these dog days of summer. 1) Prepare for the heat Know the forecast and any alerts. Visit/touch base with […]

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Trauma support, some questions for plan sponsors…

By Silverberg Editor   April 26, 2018 There seems to be heightened awareness of traumatic events, especially through regular media coverage. When these events happen, there are undoubtedly family members, colleagues and friends affected; these individuals may be one of your employees, and you may not always know that they require assistance. How is your […]

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Your Benefit Program Needs Spring Cleaning Too…

Spring is the time of year that brings with it a longing for warmer weather. It also brings a desire to have things clean and in order. This is a perfect time to give attention to the administration side of your benefit program. We have compiled a list of topics that you may want to […]

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The Magic Number for Retirement Savings

With less job security, a higher cost of living, and fewer employers offering Defined Benefit retirement plans than ever, it is little surprise that people are less confident about their retirement savings. While Canadians are afforded a modest pension through the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the amount is often far from enough to cover living […]

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Do You Have These Types Of Fraudulent Claims On Your Benefits Plan?

The impact of fraud on benefit plans has screamed onto the income statements of employers, and in turn onto the pay checks of employees. Premiums are being driven up all across the country by employees and organizations who are running fraudulent claims through their private benefit plans. In this post I will focus on the […]

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Why Do My Rates Go Up After The First Renewal With A New Carrier?

Have you moved your benefit plan to a new carrier for better pricing, maybe even for enhanced benefits with a cheaper “intitial” premium? If so, chances are you may have had to go through the ensuing “tough” first renewal (increase of 20-50%) with the new carrier. In these scenarios we are finding that companies are not […]

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Focus on Benefits – The Value of Vision Care

Vision Care is a fairly inexpensive benefit. Although the monetary return on investment can be marginal, it can be an excellent addition to your plan if your employees truly see value in it. Another option is to provide vision coverage as well as a host of other benefits through a Health Spending Account.

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Focus on Benefits – Maximize your value through an AOR

An agent of record is the form that you, an employer with a group benefit program, uses to appoint the right resources to serve you best. This video explains what this direction means to you and the person / agency you have selected to help you.  

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Focus on Benefits – How Much Do I Need to Save in Order to Change Insurers?

With the recent slowdown in the Alberta marketplace, more employers are looking at every possible angle to save a dollar. Many insurers capitalize on this by “massaging” the numbers to present a good front for the first year of a new plan, followed by a very messy subsequent year. This leads to the question of […]

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Focus on Benefits – Trends Affecting Your Business

Allan Friesen explains three important trends that may impact your business. These trends include the starting date for EI Sick leave benefits, Flexible work arrangements, and Workers Compensation Board practice changes.

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