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Flu Season is Upon Us

Workplace Conversations

Keeping You Informed

Asthma: Helping to Clear the Air  

Medical versus Recreational, What Cannabis Concerns Exist for Plan Sponsors?

Tis the Season to be Travelling

What if we cared for our minds as we do our bodies…

Your Benefit Program Needs Spring Cleaning Too…



The Magic Number for Retirement Savings

Alberta’s New Dental Fee Guide

Plan Administrator Updates 

The Results Are In – The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

Travelling for Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Medical Marijuana and the Employee Benefits Industry

Contractors vs Employees – How Your Organization Can Stay on Track for CRA

March is Fraud Prevention Month

How Millennials are Redefining Benefit Plans

CPP and EI Updates | Developing a Retirement Plan 

The Return-to-Work Plan (RTW)

The Optics on Vision Coverage

The Rising Cost of Specialty Drugs

Administrative Update Checklist

The Deeper Value of Massage Therapy

The Transition into Retirement

Understanding Dental Claims

The Importance of Financial Wellness

Understanding Group Insurance Plan Taxation

Employee Termination and Group Benefits

2016 Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Update 

Benefits Fraud

Workplace Absenteeism

Communicating Your Benefits Plan

Back to School – Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)

2015 Canada Sanofi Health Care Survey Statistics

Planning a Summer Vacation

Employee and Family Assistance Programs

Critical Illness: The Living Benefit

Group Retirement Products

February is Heart Month

2015 Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Update | New Office

Containing Drug Costs 101

Small Business Month

The Power of Kindness

Buckle Up with LTD Coverage (Long Term Disability)

Students & Dependents

Flex Your Benefits

Mental Health Awareness

Alberta’s New Pharmacy Agreement

AD&D – Costs Cents, Makes Sense…

RRSP Season

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Update

Teenage Bullying

Healthy Work Place

Why Pay More?

Coverage Concerns

Submitting Claims

Travel Insurance | Trends in Health Claims

RRSP’s | Beneficiaries

Government Bulletins | CPP & EI

Stress & Holidays | Santa Insured

The Importance of a Workplace Wellness Program | Humor & Laughter

Employee Taxable Benefits for AD&D and CI

Massage Therapy

Back to School

Claims Fraud

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