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December 2012 Newsletter

Stress & Holidays


Although the holiday season is a time of joy, filled with gatherings, it is not uncommon to experience numerous stressors due to finances, travelling, gift shopping, many social gatherings and relationship conflicts.

Holidays tend to be particularly difficult and stressful when upsetting or traumatic events occurred during past holiday seasons. If someone, or a loved one, suffers from a mental illness, or have endured the death of a loved one, feelings of loneliness, anxiety or a depressed mood are typically experienced.

Here are some suggested coping tips:

Insuring Santa

Lloyd’s of London issued the first insurance policy to protect Santa Claus.

The personal accident policy covers Mr. Claus until the 25th of December in the event of accident and illness, in the run up to, and during his worldwide travels to deliver presents to good children. 

Underwriters in the Lloyd’s market refused to confirm the existence of the policy or disclose policy details, saying they are devoted to protecting client confidentiality.  However, Santa’s team said Lloyd’s underwriters also created a special 24-hour telephone helpline for Santa in the event of an emergency, which will provide for his immediate evacuation from any location or time zone on earth or in earth’s air space.  The insurance market would also pay for any medical treatment Santa requires in the event of an accident.

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