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March 2013 Newsletter

 Best Food Forward: Ready, Set, Shop!

March (also known as National Nutrition Month) is here. Brought to you by Dietitians of Canada, the slogan for this year’s campaign is Best Food Forward: Plan Shop Cook Enjoy! During the month of March, dietitians will be dedicated to helping Canadians navigate the grocery store with ease, and to put their ‘best food forward’ among the many choices. After all, healthy eating begins at the grocery store.

We’re dishing up a few simple and practical tips when it comes to planning, shopping and cooking, such as:

1. Save time! A little planning before going grocery shopping goes a long way.

2. Get stocked! Five must-have foods for your pantry.

Interested in creating tasty, healthy and affordable meals? Here are some must-have foods for your pantry: legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, whole tomatoes (diced or crushed), dried fruits, salmon or light tuna packed in water, and whole grains such as quinoa, parboiled brown rice and oats.

3. Make grocery shopping a family affair.

Try bringing your kids grocery shopping. Explain to them where food comes from, and how to make healthy food choices. In the produce section, let your child discover new fruits and vegetables by picking them up and touching them. Why not add an element of fun, and make grocery shopping like a scavenger hunt for healthy foods? If you have older kids, ask them to read the Nutrition Facts table with you and compare products.

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