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1. Employee Benefits:  How Does Your Plan Stack Up?

Making sure your plan is competitive

With the current COVID-19 crisis affecting the health of not only our economy but that of our companies and employees as well, finding the right balance of Employee Benefits to budget is crucial. As we navigate our way during this time, it has never been more important to be sure that we are providing the right mix of employee stability, benefits, retirement plans, and health spending accounts to be sure we are taking care of our employees and their families.

To help and guide you forward, Silverberg Group is offering a Comprehensive Benefits Benchmarking report and a detailed analysis of where your benefit plan stacks up, not only in comparison to others in your industry, but also through these times.


2. Employee Benefits:  Do You Have the Right Plan?

Making sure your plan meets your needs and budget

Employee benefit plans have evolved over the past five years: with millennials increasingly becoming a more significant percentage of the workforce, we know that what they require differs from earlier generations.  In today’s benefits landscape, you have the opportunity to customize and tailor your program to the needs of your employees and your budget.

Our team of Benefit Plan experts will provide you with a Professional Audit of your current benefits plan, including coverage levels, limits, funding, and relevancy, and we will let you know if your Employee Benefits plan aligns with your corporate goals and values.



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