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Silverberg Group - Bringing Your Employee Benefits into Focus

Service Overview

Silverberg Group provides services through every phase of your employee benefits program.


Plan Design Phase

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of your businesses demographics and organizational goals
  • Access group benefit packages at a lower cost than is available to individual benefits providers
  • Provide the right dental care, medical care, life and disability insurance coverage for your employees and their families
  • Invest in a sound employee benefits program that provides optimal tax savings for your company
  • Design better plans to accommodate fluxes in the benefits industry

Plan Management Phase

  • Assist you with the maintenance and administration of your program
  • Utilize key communications strategies to ensure that your administrators are fully informed about your companies plan
  • Re-evaluate your plan at your annual renewal to ensure that it is sustainable
  • Explore additional benefits options, (Health Spending, Group RRSP, Budgeted ASO, etc) which can potentially save you even more money

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